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To give you some history, I founded Honeybee Fabrics in 2006. I've quilted for 23 years and applique´ed for more than 15 years. Applique & embroidery are my rue passions in life as well as the love of Baltimore Album quilts which I learned during the 9 years attending The Applique´ Academy in Williamsburg, VA.

I love all of the symbolism and beauty that these old quilts have and love to design my own patterns as well. I currently teache applique´ at the Kathy Dunigan Academy of Applique in Dallas, Texas. My work has also been published in Elly Sienkiewicz’s book, Dear Friends Remembered, that was published in her book Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts and also hung at the 2010 Houston Quilt Convention, in the Netherlands and other exhibitions. I have also designed and done work for Jan Vaine for her book, The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery Embellishment and Applique. 

I invite you to follow my Applique´, Embroidery, and Quilting adventures in this blog.

Melissa Simross

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